Apple’s AR headset and glasses are still years away

Apple’s AR headset and glasses are still years away

It was recently reported by The Information that Apple is expected to launch an augmented reality headset and glasses in the years 2022 and 2023 respectively. Augmented reality-powered devices have already been introduced in the market by big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Because of the fact that several generations of these devices are already available to the public, Apple will be launching its version in a few years to give the competitive market a hard fight.

Apple has briefed their employees about the timeline to be followed for the launch in an internal presentation; development of the software for both of the devices is probable to start in 2021 so the public can get their hands on the Apple-branded AR headsets and glasses by the expected release date in 2022 and 2023. But will the pressure of launching more innovative AR-powered gadgets get to the head of Apple’s team and maybe cause an extension of the release date? Only time will tell.

The headset has been designed following the footsteps of Oculus Quest but Apple’s design is slimmer; the AR glasses have been designed similar to the shades made by Bose, the Focals made by North and the Eco Frames launched by Amazon, so the glasses will have a traditional style but with a chunkier frame which is necessary to hold the AR hardware and battery.

However, next year, Apple is launching another AR gadget, the new iPad Pro, so that its users are not left high and dry while the other devices are in the process of being launched. This iPad has 3D sensors which will allow the user to design 3D reconstructions of not only rooms and objects but people too.

Despite the fact that Apple’s competitors in the field of AR have already launched their technology, Apple’s version is expected to be an improved and updated one and in line with the devices released previously by market leaders.