Germany is trying to develop the ICT sector

Germany is trying to develop the ICT sector

Sustainable development can’t be realized in Tanzania without a good population, that’s why the health segment has acquired a rather vital financial help from its development partner Germany to ameliorate, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) within the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) factors.

Rendering to a report by The Citizen, the grant was signed on 16th October, at Ministry of Finance’s grounds in the commercial city–Dar es Salaam, viewed by Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dotto James, and Acting Germany Ambassador Jorg Herrera.

The grant comes at the time when insurance services are scheduled for adoption by the insurance industry in Tanzania. Per the Ministry of health records, more than 2 million homes have been reached by the Tanzanian Community Health Fund (CHF) and more than 12.5 million beneficiaries, equivalent to 25 percent of the whole population in Tanzania.

Patently, the grant also gives the sub-segment a chance to revitalize the sub-sector’s fatal frail points, limit seamless health services to many Tanzanians. The Ministry estimates 32 percent of the population are now combined with health insurance in Tanzania, while maternal health attendance, specifically on birth attendance at health flair, rose to 68.5 percent by March 2018, from 64 percent in 2017/2018.

Permanent Secretary expressed his gratitude for the support, citing that: government plans to upsurge health services fund members will be achieved, but also refining related sub-sector sectors at large.

“The government has intended to deliver health services to all people, thus in the realization of the latter, the government plans to use the Single National Health Insurance Fund (SNHIF),” Permanent Secretary mentioned.