A school of fish synchronizes in high frequency

Nature had always been a fascinating mystery for the human mind. Scientists in India have been trying to study a school of fish. However one of the most disturbing aspects of studying either a school of fish or a flock of birds is the noise that they make.

The Indian Institute of Science has now discovered that the noise is a part of a synchronizing a large group to keep sync. The scientists realized that these noises help make sense when the fish swim together in a synchronized manner. The reason for a fish to form is to keep themselves safe from predators. Moreover, they can forage for food efficiently in a group.

In human psychology, noise is a distraction. However, the way the birds and the fish operate in a group is opposite to how humans behave. According to a PhD student Jitesh Jhawar, making sense in chaos as proven by the school of karimeen fish will help in further findings of how information is spread out in a crowd.

Here is a quote of Danny Raj M, a coauthor of the research paper along with Jitesh Jhawar about what they noticed when they tracked the movements of the karimeen fish large water tanks.

According to Danny what they found was that “when the fish are moving in a misaligned state, the fluctuations are high. This should usually mean catastrophe. However, that is not what happens. The fish becomes more synchronized somehow.

According to the researchers, this happens as each member of the group copies the direction of one of its neighbours, chosen randomly. This contrasts with the classical models which suggested that each fish copied what the overall group was doing on average.