Building Smallsats Like Cars: NanoAvionics Comes to the USA

Building Smallsats Like Cars NanoAvionics Comes to the USA

The CEO of NanoAvionics states that his business, which is a small scale satellite-building business, is a public acknowledgment of respect and honor for the American automobile industry’s smart and efficient industrial operations. NanoAvionics were birthed as the incidental result of a larger Lithuania’s Vilnius University. It is now prospering and growing to find success in its initial birthplace i.e. the place where the small business found its inspiration from.

Veteran Frank Abbott was hired by the CEO of NanoAvionics to act as his CEO in the United States. Abbott will look after the requirements of the company needed to move its research, development and production business forward with the aim of taking it to the Unites States in 2020. Recently, the company has purchased land in the U.S which was the former Midland, Texas headquarters of XCOR Aerospace. It has been renovated and redecorated to transform it into a new manufacturing and production plant for Smallsat in Midland, Texas.

In an episode of On-Orbit, the co-host Grace Graham interviewed the CEO of NanoAvionics as well as the CEO of the company based in the United States, Frank. The interview dealt with questions relating to the company’s shifting to the States, how the company thinks it is different from other space startups and the future point of view or general attitude of the company considering it is a small satellite-powered IoT. The logo of the company is unique and so its design was not left out of the question by the co-host. The definition and perspective of “New Space” were discussed with the CEO to gain his insight on the topic because this topic is planned to be discussed at the SATELLITE 2020 conference in March in front of a live audience.