China ‘will not sit idly’ if the U.S. sell fighter jets to Taiwan

China ‘will not sit idly’ if the U.S. sell fighter jets to Taiwan

A Chinese general said that China would not remain quiet if the United States continued with a sale of the advanced F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan, while he warned of other potential counter measures in addition to punishing the foreign firms that were involved in this deal.

The Chief of the Institute of War Studies, Major General Chen Rongdi, at the Academy of Military Sciences said that Beijing considered this sale as a violation of the previous commitments of United Stated to China about the island that it considered as its own territory to be taken over by force if required. He refused to elaborate on the additional measures that China could take.

On Thursday, at a forum that was sponsored by the official journalists’ association of China, Chen said that “China will not sit idly by. Of course, we do not rule out any additional measures.”

Beijing has time and again said that it would levy sanctions against the companies of United States that were linked to a planned 8 billion dollar sale and has demanded that Washington cancel it right away. China has previously made such threats about the arms sales by the United States, however, they have not had much effect as the companies that are involved have either little to no business with China or they are important for the nascent commercial aviation industry of China herself.

Very recently, China has pledged sanctions against the United States in the month of July when the administration of Trump said that it was considering a 2.2 billion dollar sale of tanks as well as air missiles to Taiwan.

Both Chen, as well as Colonel Cao Yanzong, have dismissed the effectiveness of the F-16V planes, because of the overwhelming air superiority of China as well as arsenal of short-medium-range missiles.