Evidence of Veyonda® abscopal effect by Naxopharm

Evidence of Veyonda® abscopal effect by Naxopharm

Noxopharm Limited, the clinical-stage drug development company, declared that Veyonda®, their lead drug candidate could prove to be a cause of off-target response produced in the body, as confirmed by the pre clinical evidence of the drug on the 21st of August. This is called the abscopal effect.

This was said after a series of trial experiments done by the company. They experimented on mice studying the reaction of the drug on the body and its interaction with radiotherapy. DARRT (Direct and Abscopal Response to Radiotherapy) was specifically used for this process.

The drug has the ability to produce an abscopal effect and this was discovered by the experimental observations of the company. This implies that if a tumor is given radiotherapy, that tumor and all the other tumors in the different parts of the body do not produce cancerous response. This can be seen as an innovative method of cancer therapy in the DARRT regimen.

These pieces of information about the drugs are confirmed and declared almost one week before the actual expected date of the release of the clinical data of the DARRT-1 by the company. It includes highlighting the impact of the related treatment on the pain levels of the patient, the response of the tumour and PSA response regarding a number of patients in the second arm of study.

A new and innovative model is developed along with the existing Australian Academic Institutions for the experimentation techniques. It is called the bi-flank mouse model. It involves the growth of tumours on both sides of a mouse in which one of the sides is exposed to radiations. The use of Veyonda® on one side produced an anti cancerous effect on both the sides and was thus proved to be able to produce abscopal effect. The drug Veyonda® has the potential to kill abundant cancerous cells, were the words of the CEO of the Naxopharm, Dr. Greg van Wyk on August 21st.

On the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) Naxopharm was listed in August 2016 and now it has been three years and had made remarkable progress.