When we say trends, we mean the latest that is popular with people. Surprisingly, when it comes to fashion, what was once popular and then fell off the graph, revives back again to become a trend. It is therefore not at all surprising to see old styles being repeated and flaunted.

According to fashion experts, 2020 will be a fashion revisit of the 60s, 70s and the 80s. The bottom line will be wearable styles. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping in 2020.

Victorian age inspired sleeves:

Recall those elaborate dresses with puffed sleeves of the Victorian era. These puffy sleeves are going to be the fashion statement this year. Dramatic and whimsical, do not miss out on those sleeves for 2020.

That Neon look:

From Victorian to neon is quite a drastic jump. However, that is what 2020 is about, a range of fashion statements that will be an amalgamation of eras. Neon clothes are too bright to wear on their own. However, a strip of neon here and there is what is going to trend.

Tailored fittings:

These will never really go out of fashion. Across eras, if there is one thing that wearable fashion has always stressed on is, it is comfortable and fitted clothing. 2020 will see a resurgence of tailored blazers, pleated trousers, culottes, etc.

Those polka dots:

Who can ever get over them? They look cute and are forever favored by women. However, polka dots for 2020 will be a little asymmetrical and whimsy.

When we talk fashion, we pay attention to cuts, necklines, material, texture, and inspiration. However, what brings a designer’s concept and idea to life is the right choice of colors.

In 2020, pastels will rule the roost.

However, with neon already in the race, bright colors have also secured a place for themselves.

Yet fashion gurus believe that Yellow in any shade will be the primary color for this year.

Every individual has his or her sense of fashion that is the intuitive guide to wearing what feels the most comfortable. The trends should be treated like guidelines of what will work for this year and what may not be seen much in people’s choices. Treat yourself to your comfort, customized to what is in fashion this year.