GM Seeds take the lead, leading farmers to prosperity!

GM Seeds take the lead, leading farmers to prosperity!

GM technology is so popular that almost 54% of that global cropland devoted to it is in the developing world. This includes countries such as India, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

According to the new annual report of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), GMOs are the fastest adopted crop technology of today. Their use has grown from fewer than 2 million hectares of land in 1996 to 192 million hectares of land in the previous year.

The US and Canada have played a very vital role in the growth of GMOs. However, GMOs are mostly chosen by farmers who have poor backgrounds. This is because biotech farming helps them financially. Furthermore, it has fewer chemicals and tillage which helps the environment as well. Choosing GMOs is not only helping people prosper but also the environment.

Rosalie Ellasus, a farmer in the Philippines, is a member of the Global Farming Network. Talking about her GMO corn, she says that there wasn’t a single pest in their crop, keeping in mind that they did not spray insecticide. Moreover, she also said that they didn’t have to visit their field daily, which was relieving for them.

Last year, many farmers planted GMOs and comprised of a total of exactly 191.7 million hectares, which is more than 740,000 square miles. 70 nations, including every country in the European Union, have shifted to biotech crops.

The advantages of biotech farming have been widely recognized by environmentalists. The ISAAA worked out that the production of GMOs has prevented 183 million hectares of land from destroying. This has helped prevent deforestation as forests no longer need to be cut down to convert them into cropland. Moreover, carbon emissions have decreased significantly.

GMOs are becoming more innovative by the day. It has started to provide people with vast options, such as drought-tolerant sugarcane, non-browning apples, non-bruising potatoes, and golden rice.

With the world advancing every day, biotechnology is now an integral part of agriculture. As access to biotech farming increases, farmers will be able to play a big role in solving the problem of food security and climate change. This helps both the farmers and all of us!