In the near future, Lab-grown meat might be much cheaper than Wagyu beef

In the near future, Lab-grown meat might be much cheaper than Wagyu beef

Netherlands-based food technology brand Mosa Meat first introduced its lab-grown hamburger to the world in 2013 with a weighty price-tag of $280 thousand per patty. However, within the next 2 years, the price of one patty may go for as less as $10 in supermarkets. The average price of Wagyu beef is just over $100 a pound & with the average burger being $100 a pound, high-technology cultured meat might be considered reasonable than a cut of the prized Japanese meat. Mosa Meat is not the only food technology firm to claim that price equivalence with animal-based meat is nearing.

The co-founder of Spain-based Biotech Foods, Mercedes Vila stated that their main aim is to reach production sale & have regulatory approval by the end of 2020.

A few firms have already previewed meat grown in a lab. California-based JUST, famous for its vegan egg & mayonnaise, gave the press a taste of the first cultured chicken, priced at $100 per nugget at the beginning of this year. The firm is also working to make lab-grown Wagyu beef through an association with Japanese producers, Toriyama. Former September, startup New Age Meats offered press & potential investors its lab-grown pork sausage.

Cultured meat firms still face some challenges before they can achieve large-scale. Biotech Foods, Mosa Meat, & London’s Higher Steaks need to file for European Union approval. All are still working on enhancing the growth of their serum, which is derived from the stem cells of an actual animal.

Doctor Glenn Gaudette, a biomedical engineer working at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, is getting near to the solution for better affordable clean meat. In the Last July, he disclosed to New Food Economy how decellularized plants could be utilized as scaffolding for growing lab meat.