Is Congress too scared to raise voice against Big Pharma?

Is Congress too scared to raise voice against Big Pharma

Lots of Americans are facing a hard time to pay for their prescription drugs. Big Pharma organizations are generating billions of dollars in profits and tax breaks. We as individuals want to be aware of the Congress is too scared to fight?

In 2003, supplicants from Big Pharma forced Congress to halt Medicare from agreeing for inexpensive prescription drug charges as a chunk of the Medicare Drug Advantages (also known as Medicare Part D). That business pressure paid off generously. For only 1 drug, insulin, Medicare Part D expenditure uplifted by 840 % between 2007 and 2017, from around $1.39 billion to $13.31 billion.

Insulin was first originated in 1922. Whereas there are no standard producers of it. Just 3 companies— Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, and Eli Lilly —produce insulin for America. Combined, they reprobate in billions while patients hazardously ration this life-saving drug.

As a pediatrician, I have observed the grandparents of my not so aged patients forcefully make upsetting choices at the drugstore. They worry about how to pay for their own as well as their grandchildren’s medicines, while still saving enough money to afford food for everyone? My patients and their families are not the only ones. In 2016, $2 million out of their entire income were spent on medicines every day in America while forgoing their fitness in other areas like purchasing limited groceries, delaying utility bills and giving less time to the family.

From corner to corner the complete political spectrum, the American people expect Congress to raise voice against Big Pharma and prioritize patients above profits. Current voting from Communal Security Works and Statistics for Progress displays 79 % of electorates want modest drug certification. If a medicinal organization will not communicate justly on the worth of a particular drug, they lose their obvious control.