Leap year birthday celebrations : A party and a cruise

A leap year is a special day for babies born in February. The month comes with a bonus day, the 29th day and people born on this day wait for the 29th for four years. Here is a heartwarming story of Cleife, who turned 100 this leap year. She lives in the Portsmouth and is a resident of assisted living facility.

Given the fact that as a leap year born, Doris Cleife has been able to celebrate her birthdays only once in four years. That meant that the centenarian celebrated her for the 25th time. The centre’s staff and Dorie Cleife’s family planned a surprise party for her on her milestone.

On her birthday Dorie said that she always wanted to be famous. This was a beautiful way to be.

A Cruise for the Leaplings 

The leap year babies were also given by a beautiful surprise by Nina Skoke Ito from Southern California. Being a leap year baby herself, Ninan knew what it is to miss out on so many birthdays when others had a special day every year. As she turned 64, Nina went on a cruise to the Bahamas. However, she did not go alone.

It was in Facebook that Nina met Karen, another leap year born individual who was planning on doing something extraordinary for the other leap years borns too. It was only a matter post this that Nina and Karen should join forces to plan on a “Leaplings” cruise. The plan was to be on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas, which was to leave from Florida’s Port Canaveral.

The cruise hosted 76 leap day babies from across the globe. The age range was from 1n to 19 in leap years which meant that the actual age range was from 4 to 76 years. Since there were kids as well as elderly people, the birthday celebrations on the cruise.