Mass production of OLED photoresists not yet being done by Merck in Taiwan

Mass production of OLED photoresists not yet being done by Merck in Taiwan

According to the sources of industry, in the development of photoresist products, Merck is highly co-operative with the Taiwan-based LCD panel makers. The photoresist products are to be used in the manufacture of OLCD displays, and the firm has not yet set any timetable or schedule for kicking off volume production of these main electronics materials.

Merck is renowned as a potential alternative source of OLED-use photoresists for OLED panel makers of Korea after Japan began tightening its regulations/restrictions on exports recently of three key electronics materials employed by Korea’s technology companies. These materials are crucial for the manufacturing of semiconductors as well.

Sources told that at present, Merck is operating a plant in Hsinchu, which is in northern Taiwan for the production of mostly photoresist products for the manufacture of LCD panels.

In addition to this, Merck also supplies other photoresists which are used for the manufacture of semiconductors. However, currently, semiconductor photoresists are produced in Japan.

Analyzing from the situation of production at Merck, it is hard for the panel makers of Korea to bypass Japan in order to find any alternative sources for OLED photoresists in Taiwan at present, commented the sources.

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