Megan Bantleman form Iceland showing the way, Nower Hill High School

Megan Bantleman form Iceland showing

Fridheimar Farm (situated in Reykholt, Iceland) produces one gallon of organic tomatoes per day. This fully organic and self-sufficient farming is a powerful sight and skill.

Owned and travel by Knutur Rafn Armann, his wife Helena Hermundardottir and their 5 kids, it uses only renewable energy resources. energy power plants offer natural quandary to heat the greenhouse, similarly as electricity for the unreal lighting, required to grow tomatoes altogether seasons.

After ingeniously shipping in an exceedingly inexperienced fly from Denmark – that acts as a natural chemical, intake insects that square measure harmful to the tomatoes – they need to avoid victimization harmful chemical pesticides. Breeding their bees, fecundation is bound to occur inside their inexperienced house.

Now conjointly a farm look and building, Fridheimar serves standard tomato-based dishes (including tomato tea and ice cream)!

Sebastian Storm (employee) captive to Iceland from Germany as a result of “it could be a stunning Associate in Nursingd ‘green’ country” and says: it’s “a pleasure to be a locality of such an eco-friendly establishment”

Over ninety-nine of electricity production and nearly eightieth of total energy production in Iceland comes from hydropower and energy power, reducing heating bills and carbon footprint. This ferociously battles temperature change.

How will we tend to learn from this property farm and country? though the united kingdom isn’t actively volcanic, there’s a big reserve of heat. as an example, Cornwall has bigger energy gradients than the united kingdom average, so it’s a high potential for generating energy power.

Fridheimar farm could be a marvel and example to the united kingdom.