Negligence of health firm lead to youth-on-youth sexual assaults

Negligence of health firm lead to youth-on-youth sexual assaults

In Fordyce, an accusation has been made against a psychiatric treatment center for children where negligence has paved the path for youth-on-youth sexual assaults, as per a lawsuit in the United States District Court in Pine Bluff.

A lawsuit was filed by a couple against Millcreek Behavioral Health of Fordyce, stating that their daughter, who is 7-years old, was digitally raped by her roommate a number of times in August 2018 while at the center. The lawsuit was filed by Attorney Jered Medlock on the couple’s behalf in March.

Tenn, Acadia Healthcare of Franklin is operating Millcreek. Tenn is a for-profit organization that has five more mental health treatment facilities for children and adults under its operations in Arkansas and hundreds across the U.S.

A watchdog group against an Acadia treatment center in Fayetteville has also lodged against accusations of lax oversight that gives rise to sex amongst young patients. Those complaints are being investigated by state officials.

Habilitation Center LLC, which is also the lawyer for Millcreek Behavioral Health, completely denied the allegations in Ryan and Michelle Eagles’ lawsuit, inclusive of the one filed by the parents regarding the sexual assaults that involved their daughter.

The lawsuit asks for the firm to pay the medical bills of their daughter that occurred as a consequence of the assaults and other disciplinary, as well as, exemplary damages so as to prevent the Habilitation Center LLC, Acadia, as well as, others from showing negligence in such serious cases in the future.

This is not the first lawsuit filed against Acadia-owned facilities in Arkansas. The first one was filed by Kimberly Lopez in 2016, inclusive of allegations that a 17-year-old girl was raped by a male patient.

In August 2018, the lawsuit was resolved, Medlock told. Terms were not revealed.