New Asia Pacific Headquarters of Microsoft

New Asia Pacific Headquarters of Microsoft

The new Asia Pacific headquarters of Microsoft in Singapore is made up of around 145,000 meters of cabling, 179 Bluetooth beacons, and 200 display screens. The headquarters now have the Microsoft Experience Centre of the region.

The center is located within the regional headquarters at the Fraser Towers in Singapore and shall assist in bringing together technology as well as partners for digitalizing, disrupting, innovating, and transforming.

The President of the Microsoft Asia Pacific, Andrea Della Mattea said that these new regional headquarters were a representation of their future workplaces.

He added that they provided the organizations in that region with a real and working model of what the future held, depending on the foundation of data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and also a culture of transformation. He said that he was excited to go to an office, where his colleagues would reinforce their mission every day by creating an environment of wellness, safety, sustainability, and bravery.

The new headquarters is spread across 6 floors and is home for more than fourteen hundred people. The headquarters also has smart lockers, IT vending machines for distributing mice, keyboards, headsets, and AI-enabled cameras, and etc.

Employees and the staff also utilize Smart Building CampusLink, which is the first Microsoft office that is outside of its United States headquarters for implementing this service.

Smart Building CampusLink is basically an application that is fully integrated with the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365. This has taken navigation to a completely new level by allowing the employees to search for directions, look for room occupancy and also find book facilities in real-time.