Patent Granted in US for Q-Sera: the Revolutionary Blood Clotting Technology

Patent Granted in US for Q-Sera

Q-Sera proprietary limited is a medical device company that has announced today that a notice for the allowance has been received by it, from US Patent & Trademark Office. The notice is for foundation patent regarding its innovation in blood clotting technology that can be used in the tubes for blood collection.

The technology of Q-Sera is based on RAPClot™ which is lead active. It has been tested to rapidly produce serum of very high quality for biochemical analysis, rapidly. It works even if there are anti-coagulants in the blood. This technology is a game changer as it can clot all samples of blood within 5 minutes. This includes the samples that contain anti-coagulants, which happen to affect approximately 10% of the patients.

In situations where speed is really important, for instance the emergency departments, it is common to use blood tests to support the correct diagnosis of the medical problems which range from cardiac attacks to diabetes. In such medical situations, delays are not affordable. Since, the RAPClot™ technology can universally clot all the blood samples in less than 5 minutes, it will be a huge contribution in the way of improved healthcare. On top of that, it will reduce the cost of healthcare too.

The chief executive officer of Q-Sera says that his company is grateful for the tremendous success, as it highlights the worth of their technology and presents it as a universal tool for producing high-quality serum. Protection has been provided through 2030 by the patent, in the United States. This is going to be a key market for them.

Now, the technology of Q-Sera has patent protection not just in the United States but Europe, Russia, Australia ,Japan, Canada, Mexico, China and South Africa as well. Q-Sera is receiving additional patents for the cover of novel formulations and flexibility of uses for its unique service, it is extending to the commercial opportunities.

Q-Sera has produced prothrombin activators, which are found in the world’s deadliest snakes’s venom, for the clotting of blood that produces serum for analysis. Specifically, the Coastal Taipan snake which is Australian. However, Q-Sera can now produce the very cost-effective RAPClot™ protein only from the modified cell lines by using the standard processes of pharmaceutical manufacturing.