Representatives of Taiwan visit the industrial city of Punjab for exploring investment options

Representatives of Taiwan visit the industrial city of Punjab for exploring investment options

After the high-powered Punjabi delegations visited Taiwan, the Taiwanese counterparts have begun visiting Punjab to see its viability. Joy Huang visited the city under this initiative, from the Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Company Limited. The company that deals in production as well as assembly solution of bikes and wheels has explored various options and has interacted with the president of CICU Upkar Singh.

The Chief Executive Officer of Invest Punjab, Rajat Aggarwal, said that the visit, as expected, had started bearing good outcomes.

Aggarwal said that this was the first visit to Punjab from a Taiwanese company. Recently, when they visited them, they made it clear that Punjab was not only an agrarian state, but there were also best opportunities available for business options. He said that if all went well, they hoped that the companies would soon start making investments in their state, which would boost their industry as well.

The president of CICU Upkar Singh said that this was a follow-up trip by Taiwan.  He further said that the global investors as well industrialists were unaware of the industrial momentum that was gathered by the state. Hence, it was imperative that they established the Brand Punjab in the investors’ minds so that it would enter their area of consideration. Invest Punjab has been continuing to work systematically as well as diligently on the market of Taiwan, and the CICU president said that they expected the results of their efforts to bear fruit.

It should be mentioned here that the country of Taiwan has been proliferated with industries of auto components, electronics, precision machinery, and also industries of heavy machinery. Punjab, however, is lacking proficiency in these industries because of limited modernization.