Safety must be improved in the factories, Filipinos urge 

Safety must be improved in the factories, Filipinos urge

The community in Filipinas called the factories located in Taiwan to supply safer and sounder environments for the workers of Filipinos working there in Taiwan. This call on Saturday was made after the death of one of the Filipino workers because of the chemical spill this week.

The woman who died on Wednesday  is said to be identified by the media   as Deserie, aged 29, at the General hospital named as Taipei Veterans after seriously getting injured with severe chemical burns due to the  container falling and splattering against the woman’s legs  containing  an amalgam of  hydrofluoric acid and other hazardous products

Macaulay who is the director said that he has full faith and trust in the investigators of Taiwan and he would follow up on the advancement and the progress of this case after the body of the woman, Tagubasi is returned to the Philippines.

And that he would also talk and coordinate with the administration of Occupational Safety.

If the employer is found to be guilty due to negligence then they should be held liable, Macauyag added.

an employee that had left the company before passed a statement and she also wished to stay anonymous said in her statement that the workforce was only provided with a lab gown that they wore at the working site which just covered to below the knee and while handling the hazardous chemicals they only wore an apron additional to the gown.

The company could not even succeed in providing the workers coming from other countries like Filipinos who are called the foreign workers with proper and complete safety training that includes activities like first aid and also formal training and instructions regarding the first-hand actions that must be taken under severe and also under emergency conditions.