Scientists disappointed by the budget set by the French government for research

Scientists disappointed by the budget set by the French government for research

In the coming year, the spending of the French government on research is expected to remain flat at nearly 7 billion dollars, an absolute disappointment to the researchers and scientists who give a statement that their President, as well as, Prime minister had the focus on the significance of the research. However, majority of them have their hopes high and are already looking forward to 2021, when it is being expected that the government would create its first national strategy for research, which is basically a plan which is designed for energizing the French science and might be coming with a substantial funding boost.

The draft budget of 2020 was announced last week and was adopted by the cabinet the very next day. The draft will help boost funds for the French ministry of higher education, research, as well as, innovation by 2 percent to 25.35 billion euros. The portion of this total amount reserved for the research is 6.94 billion euros, which is the same as that of last year.

The French National Trade Union of Scientific Researchers’ secretary-general, Patrick Monfort, passed a statement that said that the amount reserved for research is disappointingly low. Emmanuel Macron, the President and Edouard Philippe, the prime minister stated that there is immediate need of supporting the research. If this is considered a priority, a substantial budget increase shouldn’t have to wait until the beginning of the plan in 2021.

However, Monfort accepts the fact that science funding could have suffered more due to the billions of euros in tax cuts which were granted by the government in the budget for appeasing the ‘yellow vest’ demonstrators, who, in last November, began their movement, doing protests against the economic reform policies of the Macron’s government.

The impending national research strategy, which was announced in February by Philippe, is presently under development and all ready to commence in 2021.