South Korea’s Coex hosts the world’s largest computer vision conference

South Korea’s Coex hosts world’s largest computer vision conference

Following the International Bar Association’s annual conference in September hosted at Coex, the world’s largest internationally recognized conference called the International Conference on Computer Vision 2019 (ICCV 2019) was hosted and organized by the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center (CCEC). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Korean Computer Vision Society partnered with CCEC in organizing the conference. Execution of the event was flawless and it was a huge hit. Because the conference had an established international history, over 5,000 people participated from all over the globe. Approximately 7,500 professionals, academics, researchers, and students attended the event, becoming the most attended edition in the history of the conference yet.

ICCV is based on the subject matter of visual and artificial intelligence, a field that is evolving and progressing every day, every second. Facial recognition technology for security management, environment recognition technology for autonomous vehicles and virtual and augmented reality were only a few of the many topics discussed in the conference. The academics presented and published their research papers which amounted to more than a thousand.

The Coex Convention and Exhibition Centre is the largest and busiest in Korea, it hosts over 2,000 events annually; conventions by Coex are hosted all over Korea. At ICCV 2019, new gadgets and products with innovative technology of artificial intelligence and computer vision were glamorously exhibited at the Coex Exhibition Center by around 70 thousand by technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, LG, Samsung Electronics, and Uber; their devices reflected their vision which will play a part in revolutionizing our use of technology for everyday use.