Super Raid in the primary assault of the match

Alongside the three, the India national kabaddi crew firing line-up involved chief Deepak Hooda, Naveen Kumar, Amit Hooda, Pawan Sehrawat, and Darshan Kadian, the last two beginning as spreads.

Both Pardeep Narwal and Vikash Kandola, who additionally piled on a Super Raid, scored six each in the main half bringing about two All-Outs from which Bangladesh couldn’t recuperate, as India went into the break driving 28-8.

Bangladesh’s striking office was especially missing on the day as they oversaw only two attack focuses in the principal half, against India’s 15. The resistance, however, appeared to be on par Bangladesh oversaw three Super Tackles in a similar period.

The challenge was somewhat nearer in the subsequent half, especially with the protection as Bangladesh scored a handle point more than the resistance in the period with the two sides recording two Super Tackles each. However, India’s national kabaddi crew rode the energy from the primary half combined with auspicious attacks that perpetrated the third All Out on Bangladesh and proceeded to seal the match serenely.

India’s unbeaten run in the progressing competition has seen them register triumphs by 33 against Sri Lanka, 27 points over Pakistan, and now 25 against Bangladesh in their three matches up until this point.