Team Canada ready to value-add their way to the ‘Meat Olympics’

Team Canada ready to value-add their way to the ‘Meat Olympics’

Team Canada constituted of nine people who tend to cut, as well as, value-add their way to the ‘Meat Olympics’ which will be held in the coming year in California. Three of them are from Alberta.

Calgary Eyeopener was informed by Aaron McLaughlin that he always had an interest in it.

It is something that he wanted to be a part of always, and considering the fact that now Canada will be getting a team is really thrilling. He thinks it would help in bring huge positive attention to Canada’s meat industry.

McLaughlin happens to be an instructor at a National Meat Training Centre. He along with Edmonton’s Elyse Chatterton is more than 60 percent of Alberta’s contribution to the Team Canada.

In California, the World Butchers’ Challenge will be bringing together a total of 16 teams and they are given nearly three hours for the completion of a side of pork, a side of beef, a lamb, as well as, five chickens.

Chatterton stated that it is making burgers, roasts, sausages, steaks and you name it. Basically, it is making a ready-to-go butcher counter.

Chatterton stated that from a young age she had adored the processing meat, but this happened by accident.

In England her family is farmers and they have a butcher shop and they had a small staff. She began when she was 14 and realized that she undeniably adored everything about the meat industry and then continued doing it all her life. She is focused on the finishing work, she makes it look really smart, as well as, fancy.

McLaughlin told about the thoroughness of judges and that they are looking for a lot. Sanitation and food safety are amongst the factors they will be judging on.