The Ag industry in Kazakhstan plans to collaborate with Canada

The Ag industry in Kazakhstan plans to collaborate with Canada

The delegations from Kazakhstan were among the participants at Ag in Motion, north of Saskatoon, this July.

Dauren Matakbayev, executive of Kazakhstan’s Republican Chamber of Hereford Breed, says the nation has moved past Soviet-period legislative issues. Another age is attempting to build up the economy, he said.

Matakbayev and his associates are attempting to fabricate the nation’s Ag economy, hit associations with Canadian associations and people and convince those in Canadian farming to visit KazAgro, the nation’s biggest public exhibition, held October 23 to 25. KazAgro centers on animals hereditary qualities, ag tech, apparatus and hardware, as indicated by Alberta Agriculture’s site.

Ag in Motion was not Matakbayev’s first visit to Canada. He has taken an interest in Canadian Western Agribition, worked with steers exporters and has visited Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alta. He might want to see comparative school programs in Kazakhstan.

“One of our objectives is to simply open the entryway,” said Matakbayev. “Open the entryway for new individuals to come to us. Furthermore, from Kazakhstan, we can make it an extension to China, for instance.”

Russia and China are real export markets for Kazakhstan. “Since we are Muslims, for the most part, the Middle East is quick to work with us, since we do recognize what Halal methods,” includes Matakbayev.

At the present time Kazakhstan has around 7,000,000 meat steers, however there’s effectively limit with regards to 25 million head, says Matakbayev. The feedlot business is as yet growing, yet there’s capability to gain from Canada’s industry on the grounds that the atmosphere is comparable, directly down to the mosquitoes in summer.