The ban on cannabis in Canada

The ban on cannabis in Canada

Cannabis is the most extensively used illegal drug. For many years marijuana was banned in many countries including Canada.

As the pros of Marijuana were researched, like it could be used I medical treatments as well as an alternative for most of the heavily produced goods like paper, chalk, clothing, biofuel, nutritional supplement, etc Canadian government started to reconsider the ban.

Although marijuana can now be easily found all over Canada like from online sites like Cannabismo or at local weed dispensaries, there are some very rigid rules and laws concerning where, when, and how it could be used.

Why Cannabis banned in Canada?

After the Opium Act of 1908, the drugs were banned in Canada. As it could be derived from Emily Murphy’s book called “The Black Candle,” 3 new drugs were added in the list of restricted substances in Canada.

Murphy’s writings, in which she talked about the hazardous effects of drugs were very famous. A lot of people read them and its aim to create awareness, panic, and anxiety about the cons of drugs was fulfilled. Another historian Catharine Carstairs wrote a 7-page chapter on marijuana declaring it as a danger to human health. Therefore, it got banned.

Under the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill, Cannabis got prohibited in the country. This bill got approved in 1923 after a late-night session of the House of Commons

Until 1930s Cannabis got no recognition in Canada. It was in 1937 when the Canadian government first restricted its use. Between 1946 and 1961, only 2% of cannabis was seized out of the drugs detained in Canada.

As soon as Justin Trudeau came into power as the prime minister he lifted the ban from marijuana.  Even though Cannabis has been legalized in Canada, it is highly regulated. It is only available from licensed retailers, producers, and farmers