Two Bio-Based Solutions at Heimtextil Launched by Devan


At Heimtextil’s upcoming trade fair in Frankfurt Germany, from 7-10 January, Devan Chemicals, Belgium’s developer of finishing technology for textiles, plans to launch two biobased solutions–antimicrobial (Biome Natural) and a PCM (Cool Bio-tones) solution. A bio-based flame retardant (Bio-flam) was already introduced by the organization in May 2019.

Devan also concentrated on sustainability, even before it became a pressing problem. In 1995, Eco-flam, the first halogen-free flame retardant, was introduced by the firm. A non-migrant antimicrobial remedy was marketed four years later. In 2001 the Belgian company developed in-yarn technologies for masterbatch manufacturing. Devan also became the first organization to launch clothing probiotics (2010).

Biome Natural is an antimicrobial solution that ensures optimal textile freshness and hygiene. Active ingredients are the popular linseed oil from the seed of the flax plant, crushed, ripened and Chrysanthemum seeds obtained from daisy floral seeds.

Bedding businesses and more and more policymakers are preparing recyclability laws, which would allow innovations such as Bi-ome Natural to gain greater interest over time.

Cool Bio is a proprietary cooling system that induces the cloth to dissipate heat from the body and to decrease the body temperature automatically. The PCMs used in Cool Bio are derived from natural, sustainable sources.

The PCMs are crystalline (in compliance with temperature) wax or oily fluid and are 100 percent depending on the plant In addition to traditional paraffin-based PCMs, Tones of Cool Bio have less flammability. The German DIN laboratory certifies the bio-sourced of the material.

In the collections of Standard Cotton, Tisseray and Comfy Quilts of Heimtextil, Tones of Cool Bio will be offered. The technology is available only for bedding accessories in the first place.

Devan Chemicals has a headquarters in Belgium, and branches in the UK, Portugal and the US, and is a multinational manufacturer of apparel specialty chemicals. The company was founded in 1977 and focuses on innovation, development and research and sustainability. Devan’s leading innovator in the fields of flame retardants, efficiency (odor control & stain release), thermoregulation (PCM and cooling innovations such as Moov&Cool), fabric, and yarn (functional masterbatch technologies), health & wellness (aromatherapy, R-Vital and allergy prevention).