The USA, an alleged superpower of the world is battling coronavirus. It was recently reported that the complex medical system of the US was a hurdle in controlling the outbreak. However, as the number of cases is on the rise Trump has now signed an $8.3 billion bill to fight the virus.

Till now the US has reported 12 deaths and more than 200 infected cases. This bill that Trump has signed will provide the federal health agencies with money for vaccines, tests, and treatments. This bill was a way of reassuring people that the administration will not fall short of honoring anything that is in the best interest of the people.

The sanctioned money will be used to pay for a multifaceted attack on a virus.

On the signing of the bill by Trump, Appropriations Committee Chairman, Richard Shelby, R 0Ala said that given the circumstances money should not be a constraint in fighting a virus that is claiming lives in a matter of hours. He said,” “In situations like this, I believe no expense should be spared to protect the American people, and in crafting this package none was.”

This might be a winning card for Trump who did not have much hope od winning the 2020 elections, especially post the controversies and the impeachment.

Senator Maria Cantwell, D-Wash, in her comment stated that the bill is praise worth as “will increase access for public lab testing, help pay for isolation and quarantine, help pay for sanitizing in public areas, better track the virus and those who might come into contact with it, help labs who are trying to identify hot spots, and limit exposure.” It is Cantwell’s state which is at the receiving end of the virus attack.

With the spread of the virus accelerating, financial markets spiraling again. Travel is disrupted and is posing to be a threat to the U.S. economy’s expansion plans.