Weird stories 

Plastic plant but the love was real

Plastic plant but the love was real

Sometimes the human mind can perceive what it loves, in a different light. A woman took to social media to share her love for her succulent plant. She described her beloved plant as full, and healthy with the perfect green color. She had been watering the plant for the last two years.

It was last week that she decided to change the pot of the plant and shift it into a bigger one. This is when her world around her succulent plant came crashing down. She realized that the plant she has been watering for two years and was so possessive about was a plastic succulent that was glued on top of sand on a styrofoam chunk.

Everything said and done, the plant might have been plastic but the woman’s love for the succulent wasn’t.

A fishing rod to steal a Versace necklace 

A middle-aged thief in Australia was caught on camera snagging a Versace necklace. It took the thief three hours to land his catch but he did it, with a fishing rod.

Imagine a man with a fishing rod breaking a store window at night. The theft was carried out at Melbourne’s central business district.

As the thief tried to hook the golden necklace off a mannequin’s, he had to change the fishing rods as well. In his first few attempts, he failed since he tried to snatch the necklace with a mall fishing rod. Later on, he goes on to get a longer rod and succeeds.

Unfortunately, his face is quite well captured and has been circulated for intel on him.

Sons lock mom away out for coronavirus fear

In Lithuania, a man locked his wife in a bathroom. He was helped in his attempt by the adult sons. According to the police they were intimated about a case of domestic violence

National police spokesman Ramunas Matonis they received a report about a husband and two adult sons, who refused to let a woman out of the bathroom after she told them that she could have contracted the coronavirus.

The woman had reportedly met and spoken with someone who had come from abroad. She later tested negative for coronavirus.