What do you know about Opscidia? The latest free and Open Access Platform

The latest free and Open Access Platform

Opscidia has just been launched by Charles and Sylvain, which is an open-access platform that is free of charge and publishes academic articles reviewed by a peer. Let us get to know them!

Their brief introduction: Charles: For the past decade he has been working at crafting disruptive products where people are offered simple, as well as, user-friendly internet experience. Having an experience of working on e-administration e-democracy, as well as, open data projects, he immediately identified the opportunity when Sylvain shared his academic publishing project with him. He was convinced that the social web makes scholarly publishing cheaper and increases efficiency.

Sylvain got training as a physicist, and he had a great passion for doing Scientific Research. Prior to the launch of Opscidia, he had a decade of working experience, at the boundary between industry and academia. Initially, during his post-doctorate on 3rd generation solar-cells at the University of Cambridge, then as the director of the Innovation and Research team of a start’ up. He also has served in various research labs in numerous different domains. This directed his focus towards the new-age publishing system, and then he got the idea of Opscidia.

Opscidia is an online platform is hosting peer-reviewed scientific articles under the only condition that they are free, as well as, open access for the authors.

The main idea of Charles and Sylvain is to develop customizable ground-breaking solutions for scholarly publishing. They believe that every research community is unique, and there isn’t any ‘one size fits all’ solution for academic publishing. Why is the reason why they are interested in developing or integrating with their platform creative ways for sharing research results and leaving the choice in the hands of academic communities to make a decision whether to seize them?