What if the buildings were alive?

What if the buildings were alive

Ever wondered how would life be like if our homes were alive? I’m not referring to the smart homes where the disembodied voice of Alexa would decide the setting for your living room spotlights. I mean being alive like humans, living, growing, breathing & even reproducing. The idea might seem absurd, but in the face of a climate catastrophe, we need to think differently about the way we live in & build our environment.

Here are some ways we think the buildings of the future might become alive; breathing things.

We already employ nature’s materials for building. However, this pallet of materials could be innovatively extended. For example, Scientific American lately presented mycelium, which is the root network of fungus, as a material of the future. Mycelium tends growing on little more than coffee grounds and wood chips in a very short span of time, creating materials with noteworthy structural performance.

Cracks in the concrete of building typically spell the commencement of the end. Water will seep inside & eventually rust the metal supports that hold the structure stable. However, researchers have started to experiment with concrete which can heal itself

A lot of buildings, particularly the high rise, glassy office towers set up in major cities worldwide are on permanent life support. Air conditioning systems circulate air to cool & heat rooms. What if the walls themselves could breathe without the need of opening the windows for ventilation?

We are surrounded by infinite microorganisms on every surface of our bodies, our homes & in the air around us. While millions of pounds per year are spent on antimicrobial cleaners to kill them, it has been discovered for some time that those residing near farms might suffer less from allergies as compared to those in urban environments. Hence, it can be concluded that being exposed to good bacteria helps in building the immune system in children. What about buildings which have their immune system?